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Harlingen Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning in HarlingenDirt, mold, grime, mildew, and other nasty stuff can build up on your roof and other exterior surfaces. Not only does it not look good, but it can also be a safety issue for many Harlingen homeowners.

Many roof stains are noticeable by their black stains. This is caused by bacteria, and if your roof is made of asphalt shingles, the bacteria will eat the limestone leading to granular loss and discoloration. This will ultimately weaken the integrity and reduce the life span of your roof.

Our Harlingen soft wash roof cleaning service will not only get rid of all your stains and marks on your roof, but because of our specialized solution and process, we get rid of the root of the problem by cleaning and sanitizing.

In addition, soft washing is applied much differently than pressure/power washing, which can actually damage your roof and void warranties. With soft washing, you never have to worry about harmful, high-impact cleaning that will remove granules from your shingle roof.

The Dangers of a Dirty Roof

Contrary to what many homeowners think, a roof is not a “set and forget it” feature. Just like your yard, it needs to be properly maintained, and if left unmaintained, you may begin to notice dark black streaks and stains. When you’re dealing with a dirty roof, here are some main negatives that you may not be aware of.

Higher Utility Bills – Build-up on your roof (typically composed of bacteria, algae, and moss) can lead to your roof absorbing extra heat. This is not ideal for keeping your home energy-efficient, especially during the hot summer months.

Unsightly Curb Appeal – A dirty roof does not look good and is a major sore point for curb appeal. It can also devalue your property and detract potential buyers.

Increased Allergies – If you or anyone else in your family is allergy-prone, a dirty roof can be a nesting ground for continuous allergy issues.

Lessen the Integrity/Life Span of Roof – If your roof has stains and you do not get the issue treated and cleaned, the bacteria can eat through your roof material and damage the integrity of your roof. This can lead to the need for an early roof replacement.

Insurance Companies Can Drop Coverage – It has been reported that insurance companies will drop coverage for roofs that are heavily infested and not properly maintained.

Free Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Estimate

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